Monday, March 16, 2009

Burgundy (new region)

Periodically we focus on a place in the world and create a sub-special list highlighting the food and a sub-wine list highlighting wine. The idea is to explore the food and wine , hopefully finding some magic when enjoyed together.
I chose this region because it is a place driven by a great repertoire of food and some of the most extraordinary wines in the world. I have tasted so many great wines and have to admit having felt way over my head more than once. Some of these wines are so good and simply easy to enjoy. While others are complex and demanding, requiring food and patience to experience what they have to offer. The wine list is coming along- we have about 16 whites and 14 reds, a pink and a sparkling. Many of these by the glass. I have more to taste and many many more waiting to be ordered. We have a sub-special list that is quite extensive already. The food is a lovely mix of what I call picnic food and sauce driven rustic dishes. I was first intrigued by the picnic food. Mainly pates and salads which work well both at room temperature or warm. We have gone pate crazy with 6 different ones on the menu at last count. The sauce driven food is so interesting to cook and when paired with the wine, it really sings. We have a long list of recipes and dishes we want to explore , including some breakfast and deserts.

Friday, March 13, 2009